Liz Harter is the Social Media Manager for the academic side of the University of Notre Dame. She’s in charge of the highest level social media accounts on networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and leads the social strategy across campus minus the athletics accounts. She is also a consultant to the rest of campus social communicators leading courses for faculty and staff on social media basics and strategy and pinch hits for specialized accounts during their inception and heavy traffic periods.

Formerly, she was an Associate¬† Public Relations Specialist at Cincom Systems, Inc, an international software company headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, where she was in charge of PR for three product groups and Cincom CEO Thomas Nies. She is also an editor for Tom Nies’ external publications, often ghost writing materials, and was managing editor of Cincom’s e-zine Expert Access.

Liz has a degree in English Writing with a minor in Spanish from Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Ind. Yes, it’s the school across the street from the University of Notre Dame. No, it’s not the school that Rudy went to. Yes, it’s a women’s college. And no, it did not merge with Notre Dame in the 1970s, nor does it appear have any plans to do so.

She has a strong background in journalism having served on the editorial board of The Observer, the independent newspaper serving Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s, and completed two internships with the South Bend Tribune.

Liz has covered stories ranging from run-of-the-mill student government meetings, to security concerns, to scandals involving how student funds were handled (for which she won a 2009 Indiana Collegiate Press Award).