Which Social Networks Are Right For You?

I’m going to give you two numbers and you tell me which you like better – 59,250 or 82?

Unless 82 is your lucky number, I’m going to assume you picked the 59,000+.

Now what if I told you that the 59,250 was the number of people that liked a company called Flirty Aprons on Facebook. 82 was the number of their followers on Twitter.

Flirty Aprons sold more than 5,000 Groupons this week – one of them was to me.

I’m a little skeptical when it comes to Groupons from companies that I’ve never heard of before, but I’ve been in the market for an apron for a while, so I decided to check out their wares.

The company was founded in 2008 by two couples, Joseph and Heather Hansen, and Spencer and Jaime Taylor. Their mission is to “act as a force of good in the community, in the nation, and in the world. … The Vision of Flirty Aprons emerges in the company’s efforts to create products that truly help women feel important and noticed-products that give new life to mundane activities, and bring color and style to the home.”

Digging a little more, I found their Facebook page which allayed my fears that I was going to buy this Groupon and the apron would arrive mis-measured and sewn on to itself in a big ball.

A flirty Facebook success

The company is averaging 2-5 wall posts from satisfied customers per day. Many of them are talking about how much they love the product, or asking questions about when the company will replenish it’s stock. Better yet, there was engagement from the company.

A sampling of conversations from the page:

-I would like to get my daughter and myself matching aprons, but all the cute ones for the children are out of stock. When do you expect to be replenishing them?
–We’re going to be getting several within the next two weeks, but most of them will be out of stock until the beginning of next year. I’m sorry!

-Just love the styles!
–Thanks! Glad you like them :)

-This time next week I will be strutting my stuff in my new Original Aqua Damask apron. Can’t wait! 😀
–Awesome! I hope you have as much fun in yours as I do in mine!

-Sale soon?
–We don’t know when right now, but keep checking back!

Flirty Aprons is doing everything right on Facebook. They’re engaging their customers, they’ve created a brand where people can’t wait to tell them they received the product and they’re thanking them for their purchase. They’re using Facebook to troubleshoot customer questions and they’re using it to keep people coming back to the site to see if they’re missing any deals.

All of this is also part of their mission statement:

“On a broader level, the Vision emerges in the positive day-to-day interactions that customers have with Flirty Aprons employees. We want the community to feel like businesses are on their side and not at odds with individuals. We hope that their interactions with Flirty Aprons will inspire them and help them gain a more optimistic, hopeful view of the modern role of businesses in society.”

They definitely get an A+ for living up to that lofty goal.

A Twitter Tragedy

It doesn’t take much digging, though, to find their other social media site: @Flirty_Aprons.

Their twitter tells a whole different side of social. On Sept. 22 they posted:

“Flirty Aprons has just launched our Twitter page!” and “We are planning the Launch of Flirty Jewelry. We want your input! :)”

That’s it.

Those are the only two posts on the Twitter account that has 82 followers and follows no one.

It makes you wonder what happened. Did they launch the Twitter site just because someone told them they needed to? Was there any regard to a social media plan when they decided to expand to a new site? Did they forget the log in information?

What’s worse, when I ordered my apron they sent me a follow-up email with links to their Facebook page to become a fan AND their Twitter account – you know, that one where they don’t engage customers or tweet anything.

I hate to see corporate Twitter pages lapse. It’s really not that hard to delete an account and sometimes Twitter just isn’t the best social media platform to use for a certain business. Maybe no one on Twitter was interested in discussing how much they love the Sugar n’ Spice Marilyn Apron for $29.50.

With only 2 posts on the same day, though, I find that hard to believe. Doing a quick Twitter search to see who’s trying to engage them in conversation reveals that three people have tried to contact them there – one woman even wanted to include them in a holiday gift guide she’s writing.

The one thing Flirty Aprons has going for them, though, is that they’ve recognized the power of the interactions they’re having on Facebook – they have MORE THAN 59,000 eyes seeing that! There are 51,846 people discussing them on Facebook! They even added 7 fans in the time it’s taken me to write this blog post – and have chosen to focus their social strategy there.

You don’t have to be on every social network

Even though everyone is telling you you have to be on Twitter, or Facebook, or Google + or LinkedIn – you can’t just be there to have a presence without having a social media strategy. You have to be dedicated to posting new content, responding to your customers and acting like a real person. If you can’t commit to that then don’t sign up. Being there just to be there doesn’t work anymore because people judge your public accounts – Flirty Aprons looks like a stellar company on Facebook, but they look inept on Twitter.

Twitter isn’t for everyone. Maybe Flirty Aprons didn’t see a value, maybe they’ll try again in the future. But, if you aren’t going to use the social media don’t promote it in your “thanks for purchasing” emails. Delete your account, don’t let it lapse into the abyss.

Have you seen other companies that rock at one form of social media but forgot they had an account on another?

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Liz Harter has a degree in English Writing with a minor in Spanish from Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Ind. She is an award winning journalist on the collegiate level with a strong background in journalism. She currently works in PR and is a social media autodidact Google+

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Liz Harter has a degree in English Writing with a minor in Spanish from Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Ind. She is an award winning journalist on the collegiate level with a strong background in journalism. She currently works in PR and is a social media autodidact Google+

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